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Shear-loc Thumb screw knobs
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Product Description

The Shear-Loc process is a unique and cost effective way to convert standard socket head cap screws into instant thumbscrews.

The product is available to you three ways:

Knobs Only - where you can cold form the knob on to your own socket head cap screw or custom made screw machine part by means of a vice, arbor press or other suitable assembling device.

Thumbscrews - complete units where the knob and screw are factory assembled to your specifications and are ready for use.

Knob Kits - allow you to always have a supply of instant thumbscrews on hand, perfect for R&D maintenance and machine shop applications.

Frequently asked questions. See the FAQ page to learn more about Shear-loc Thumb screw knobs.

What's New /etc. .If you would like to find out more about the latest developments and other useful information regarding the Shear-Loc line of thumbscrew knobs see this page.


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Knobs Manufactured in the U.S.A. by:

Shear-Loc Products under USA patent no. 5,017,068
and E.U. patent 0551295

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